U.S.: Amtrak Dining Options for the Hangry Train Traveler

By Emily Murawski, Chowhound; December 22, 2019

With Amtrak setting records for ridership and revenue this year, it’s a fair assumption that many of us are opting to travel by train this holiday season. And why the heck not? There are so many reasons to ride a choo-choo: Coach seats are often very affordable, and there’s none of that TSA frustration. Plus, with a whole train of cars to wander, some with better views or food for purchase, you’re able to enjoy freedom of movement while being taken to your destination. And, if you pony up for a spot in the sleeping car, you can even BYOB!

But, with Amtrak scaling back on dining cars, what should you expect, and what should you pack, to avoid getting hangry during your ride?

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