Corridor Rail Development’s Hi-Level Fleet

Corridor Rail Development is pleased to feature the former Santa Fe Hi-Level fleet available for long-term lease. These sturdy, indestructible passenger cars, are available completely rebuilt and refurbished to Age Zero. All new mechanical systems, all new interiors, new window glazing, and much more. The best, most sought-after onboard amenities, plus thoughtful design for passengers and crew make this fleet of cars the most exceptional cars in North America. Best of all, the fleet is 100% compatible with every other type of car in service on Amtrak.

Passenger Rail Development

What to do, where to start?

If you are developing a new passenger rail project, expanding a current system, or considering improving your current passenger rail operation, Corridor Rail Development has all of the resources you need, from seasoned passenger rail pros to passenger rail marketing professionals to onboard services experts who can assist you in providing the best passenger rail experience possible.

Don’t expensively reinvent the wheel; just contact Corridor Rail Development to see how the best wheels roll down the track.

Passenger Rail Finance

In the beginning, and in the end, it’s always about money.

Corridor Rail Development will be pleased to assist you with passenger rail financing, whether through commercial lending, RRIF and similar loan programs, grants, or other creative ways to put your trains on the road in the most reasonable and financially-responsible way.

Train Travel is for Everyone

That excitement is back for a whole new generation of train passengers, who are ready and waiting at the station. Train travel is new and exciting; they are ready to board the next train to the future.

There is something unique and appealing about train travel for all generations.

No other form of transportation offers the amenities and benefits of train travel, from different classes of service to dining and lounge cars, baggage cars, and the freedom to roam around the train. Generations of Americans have been train travelers, from the Greatest Generation who went to war on a troop train and then came home victorious and took a family vacation on a new streamlined train.

Hollywood has been fascinated by trains for decades, and the romance of names like the Twentieth Century Limited and Super Chief today still evoke fond memories of superior service and the excitement of train travel.