Rails Rockies; Taking a trip by train was relaxing and marked by gorgeous views

Story and photos by RACHEL SCHNALZER, Los Angeles Times, The Lewiston Tribune; November 24, 2019

Welcome to Moooooon River,” the conductor announced as our train curved into a canyon running parallel to the Colorado River. I quickly realized what he meant; as we rode alongside the Colorado River, our train was mooned by countless whitewater rafters — athletic young men, families of four and retired couples.

“Moon River” was just one of the surprises aboard the California Zephyr, an Amtrak train that runs from Chicago to Emeryville, Calif., a more than 2,000-mile journey that takes passengers through the Rockies and the Sierra as well as the lonely Utah desert. During our September trip — the Denver-Salt Lake City leg — we enjoyed long, sunny days aboard the Zephyr. If you were to go now, you might be treated to views of the Rockies dusted in an early snow.

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