Virginia: Passenger Rail Expands Once Again

By The Editorial Board, The News & Advance; November 3, 2017

Twenty years ago, who would have thought we would be celebrating the success of passenger rail in Central Virginia, much less marking its expansion into the Roanoke and Southwest Virginia market? The TransDominion Express was, in the opinion of many, just a pie-in-the-sky dream of a few rail enthusiasts who didn’t have a lick of business sense.

Well, they were right, and we naysaysers were wrong. Yes, the original dream of true high-speed rail — as the TransDominion Express was envisioned to be — is still off in the distant future, but the new passenger lines begun during the administration of Gov. Tim Kaine a decade ago have proven there is market demand for rail. The Richmond-to-Washington line, for example, is expanding and is part of a preliminary high-speed rail feasibility study.

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