U.S., Florida: Brightline Still On Track To Orlando After Branson’s Departure

By Paul Scicchitano, Staff, Patch; September 26, 2020

AVENTURA, FL — Weeks after decoupling its relationship with billionaire businessman Richard Branson, the president of Brightline told Patch that Florida’s higher speed train line is still on target to complete its build out to Orlando.

“We’re shut down operationally right now. But from a construction perspective, we’re on track still to Orlando in 2022,” Brightline President Patrick Goddard told Patch earlier this month. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced on Friday that the state was moving to Phase 3 of its reopening, but it was not immediately clear whether that would hasten the resumption of service by the only privately-owned, operated and maintained intercity passenger train system in the United States.

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