Switzerland: Twindexx fleet to enter service in 2018

From Railway Gazette; November 30, 2017

SWITZERLAND: Swiss Federal Railways confirmed on November 30 that it will launch the first Twindexx double-deck electric multiple-units in commercial service during 2018. The decision follows an interim ruling by the Federal Office for Transport authorising the trains to carry passengers after supplier Bombardier Transportation provided all the necessary safety documentation.

Approval for the trains to run in passenger service expires on November 30 2018 as ‘not all planned functionalities are operational’. Once these issues have been resolved, the Federal Office for Transport will authorise unrestricted use. It said that a software update in mid-November and the elimination of minor faults had paved the way for its decision to allow the trains to enter service, provided that the trains meet the same technical standard as the three sets it had tested.

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