Ed Hamberger to receive 2018 Railroad Innovator Award from Progressive Railroading, RailTrends

From Progressive Railroading Magazine; May 30, 2018

Progressive Railroading and RailTrends® have named Association of American Railroads President and Chief Executive Officer Ed Hamberger the 2018 recipient of the Railroad Innovator Award, which recognizes an individual’s outstanding achievement in the rail industry.

Hamberger, who’s served as AAR’s CEO since 1998, has helped the freight-rail industry navigate periods of economic change and regulatory uncertainty. Notably, he’s consistently (and nimbly) advocated for a balanced regulatory environment, one that has enabled railroads to post continued record private investment in infrastructure. Hamberger also fostered innovation on the government relations front, leading the way as the industry entered the public-private partnership realm. And he continues to strive to clear a path to help railroads to develop and deploy new safety technologies.

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