13 Virtual Train Rides From Around the World That You Can Experience Right Now (Video)

By Evie Carrick, Travel + Leisure; August 7, 2020

Watching people, clouds, and birds pass your window is only entertaining for so long. After a while, a change to your limited, self-quarantined reality may be necessary. And while you can virtually visit museums and even national parks from your couch, they’ve got nothing on a brisk train ride through the Swiss countryside or journey around the Arctic Circle.

Virtual train rides offer viewers the chance to zone out and calm the mind, while seeing new landscapes, some of which many people will never experience in real life, quarantine or not. Plus, you don’t have to worry about train fare or if the onboard amenities are up to par — just pour yourself a hot cup of tea (or a cocktail to fit the destination) and hop aboard.

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