California commentary: Amtrak Comes to Vacaville and maybe Marfa!

Editor’s Note: Russ Jackson is the distinguished retired editor of the Western Rail Passenger Review. His columns appear here occasionally. – Editor

By Russ Jackson, ntbraymer; October 24, 2018

Back a few years this writer wrote a column every month called “Tracking Rail News.” I miss doing that at times, as there is so much passenger rail news that keeps arriving and challenging the army of rail advocates. These days Noel Braymer’s weekly “E-newsletter” handles the day to day news and commentary by knowledgeable commentators, including thankfully this writer from time to time. I also miss living in California, too, and riding the Capitol Corridor from my previous home in Solano County. Through my years out there ten to fifteen years ago the project to open a new train station serving Solano County cities of Vacaville and Fairfield was deliberated, designed, but had not been build when we left. The lot at the intersection of Peabody Road and the tracks in South Vacaville stood vacant. The Capitol Corridor design from then Director Gene Skoropowski and his assistant, now Director, David Kutrosky was impressive. The station would have a unique new design with the platform between the two tracks, and Peabody Road would be grade separated allowing uninterrupted traffic to travel to nearby Travis AFB, which would also be served by the train station. I am happy to say that station is now open.

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