Japan Begins Testing Electric, 249-MPH Bullet Train Named ‘ALFA-X’

By James Gilboy, The Drive; May 15, 2019

The East Japan Railway Company (EJRC) is testing a new high-speed “shinkansen,” or bullet train, called ALFA-X. Its ultra-aerodynamic shape and high-level efficiency mean it’ll be able to transport commuters in record time thanks to a top speed of at least 249 miles per hour (400 kilometers per hour).

Short for “Advanced Labs for Frontline Activity in rail eXperimentation,” the ALFA-X’s official designation is Class E956. At present, this class encompasses two prototype locomotives with differing aerodynamic profiles, both of which will be tested to determine the best design. With their long noses, both locomotives resemblance a duck’s head, but in the world of engineering, function is form, so they’re gorgeous regardless.

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