U.S., So much to consider in these radically changing times – Future Air Travel: Four-Hour Process, Self Check-In, Disinfection, Immunity Passes

Editor’s Note: In these rapidly evolving time for the travel industry – which includes passenger train travel – there are a number of new realities emerging, which pit the new demands of airline travel with the softer, less invasive new demands of passenger train travel.

If you liked the changes in air travel inflicted on passengers after 9/11, you will love the coming changes from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Requirements to arrive at the airport four hours early for flights, airport health screenings, walks through ultraviolet tunnels for disinfectant, immunity passes, and much more are all being seriously discussed in the air travel industry, all before passengers even board their aircraft, which also will present new ways of doing business including the banishment of inflight food service, selective seating, and the breathing of constantly recycled germ-laden cabin air.

Don’t forget that since airplanes will be holding fewer passengers due to distancing seating requirements that means the airlines will be operating flights on a slimmer profit margin, which means many other amenities and services such as airport lounges will also be going away.

All of this leads to the reality of a new golden age of passenger train travel where personal comfort and space will carry the day, along with greater choices of how to travel and most likely at greater bargains than air travel. The days of the air travel sale are most likely over.

Read the comprehensive article below to begin to understand the new realities of air travel while keeping in the back of your mind how more civilized passenger trains can become the new normal for intercity travel.

In Europe in the past year there has been an avalanche of new night train services appealing to passengers who wish to lower their carbon footprint by avoiding air travel. Now, there are many more reasons to travel by train. – Corridorrail.com Editor

By Cecilia Rodriguez, Senior Contributor, Forbes; May 10, 2020

Once airports and borders open again and people are able to fly freely — a process already in play as airports of all sizes around the world ready strategies to ensure healthy air travel — how much are you ready to change your flying habits?

As much as was required after 9/11? Less? More?

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