U.S. – Amtrak 2035: Does Amtrak Finally Have a Strong Plan Against Airlines?

By Ian McMurtry, Airline Geeks; October 24, 2020

With momentum on its side, Amtrak unveiled its grand plan for Amtrak System 2035, which it believes will be a sustainable system as prior to COVID-19 the rail operator was on pace to make 2020 its first financially profitable year in its 49-year existence.

With cries for better rail infrastructure and a presidential candidate that wears the nickname ‘Amtrak Joe’ like a badge of honor, Amtrak seems to finally be on the right track. In its Amtrak System 2035 plan, Amtrak has made it clear regionalized lines are the goal, forgoing long haul battles with airlines and focusing on a battle with car culture and regionalized connectivity that makes trains more attractive.

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