Opinion: What, ANOTHER positive Amtrak Trip Report? Yes!

Editor’s note: Russ Jackson is the retired distinguished editor of the Western Rail Passenger Review. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson reside in Texas, but were decades-long residents of California. – Corridorrail.com Editor

Commentary and a few PHOTOS by Russ Jackson, ntbraymer – Rail Passenger Service in California and the USA; September 27, 2018

It was time again for us to trek down to the Ft. Worth, TX train station and board the Texas Eagle/Sunset Limited train 421 (and return on 422) in September, 2018.  We look forward to these trips and enjoy every minute, give or take a few, on board with destination at Los Angeles Union Station.  This trip we can say was one of the best we’ve had.  Let’s face it we’ve been traveling Amtrak since 1971 and were on the Santa Fe’s El Capitan before that.  We’ve been through a lot with Amtrak, and the current highly charged atmosphere of uncertainty over the future of all of the long distance trains certainly made us curious to discover what the current situation on board is.  We were pleased, very pleased.  For one thing it was the first time in our traveling Amtrak that we had the same car attendants both coming and going on our round trip!

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