Opinion: The Connecticut Department Of Transportation needs to modernize our railways — and its thinking

Connecticut Viewpoints By Robert Hale, The Connecticut Mirror; November 13, 2019

Connecticut’s citizens deserve fast, reliable, and practical rail service along the state’s rail lines. The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) has made strong public statements committing to improve rail service not just on the main line, but also on the diesel branch lines serving Danbury, Waterbury, and the I-91 corridor. Delivering on its promises will require purchasing new trains designed to modern standards.

The brain trust that is CTDOT, however, has its heart set on ordering the trains they are used to for the branch lines, despite that everyone else in the world has moved on to better equipment. The Request for Information that CTDOT generated appears to specify unpowered coaches, hauled by diesel locomotives, instead of modern self-propelled European-style diesel multiple units (DMUs).

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