Jasper, Alberta is Canada’s winter wanderland

, Los Angeles Times; January 21, 2018

Snowflakes tumbled lazily in the light of the train as it inched toward the Jasper rail station, where half a dozen elk foraged. They come for grain that freight trains spill on the tracks, a steward had told me on the 18-hour train ride northeast from Vancouver. The elk didn’t even raise their heads as I pulled my luggage past them on the way to pick up my rental car.

I cruised the tiny grid of streets in this Alberta, Canada, town of 5,000, happy to see a comforting collection of mountain-style shops and businesses. And there were old-style hotels, many with log, river rock or Tudor-style facades just as I remembered. The totem poles and cheesy neon signs also had changed little since I visited here as a kid in the late 1960s on family vacations.

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