It’s our shark week

By LAUREN GARDNER, With help from Bernie Becker, Tanya Snyder and Brianna Gurciullo, Politico Morning Transportation; July 23, 2018

WHAT A COINCIDENCE: Dear MT readers, it’s both Shark Week and Infrastructure Week, and your Pro Transpo team is pumped. Of course, we have been living every week like this is the case, but both the legislative and television powers that be have really come through for us this time. On deck this time around is House Transportation Chairman Bill Shuster’s framework proposal for an infrastructure bill — a long shot this Congress before the Pennsylvania Republican hangs up his member pin at the end of the year. But he seemingly recognized that when chatting with our Tanya Snyder last week, saying he hoped his discussion draft would be “similar … to what Dave Camp did when he put out his big tax bill — you know, it got some people fired up, some people not fired up.”

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