CSX’s Ed Harris at American Association of Railroad Superintendents: Straight Talk on Precision Scheduled Railroading

By Jim Blaze, Contributing Editor, Railway Age Magazine; July 29, 2019

CSX Executive Vice President Operations Ed Harris addressed his railway operating peers at the annual Association of American Railroad Superintendents conference the week of July 22. The topic was his view of Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR). We have all seen and read about PSR multiple times. What could Harris possibly add, especially for the experienced operating men and women seated before him?

It turns out that Ed Harris offered a whole lot, and at a deep technical level. His was not a public relations-crafted speech. Harris captured his audience with a candid “you and me” discussion—no supporting PowerPoint graphics. He probed his audience with technical questions. Trust me when I say that everyone was paying attention.

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