Boston Critics: $10-$28 Billion Commuter Rail overhaul could be a ‘New Big Dig’

By Sean Philip Cotter and Mary Markos, Boston Herald; November 4, 2019

The MBTA is moving forward on a plan to spend $10 billion to $28 billion on Commuter Rail updates — a “New Big Dig” in the making, critics caution, and top officials aren’t saying how they will pay for it.

The T Fiscal & Management Control Board on Monday approved a raft of resolutions directing the T to get rolling on a massive overhaul of the Commuter Rail, calling for electrification of main Commuter Rail lines and trains running every 15 to 20 minutes all day, rather than the current status quo of a handful of trains headed into Boston in the morning and then back out in the evening. The most expensive option, at nearly $30 billion, includes a tunnel linking North and South stations. The plan is intended to get cars off the road by giving commuters an alternative — by 2040.

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